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Hi friends! I am Tariq Khan from Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh. I was born in 1986 into a family where block printing was in the blood for generations.
“My grandfather Afzal Khan, who received the State Award for Block Printing in 1992-1993, went all the way to Kolkata to learn the art of block printing and block stamp making. He returned to Farrukhabad and started teaching the art to others. He started working with a handful of people on wood and brass block printing on cloth.
In 1975, he started the first workshop of its kind in Farrukhabad. After that, my father Ajmal Khan, who loved the art, joined him in his work. After mastering this art from my grandfather, he spread his skills all over India, especially in Delhi, Jaipur, Punjab, Banaras and Kolkata. He even taught this art to many people. In 1995, my father received the State Award, but he was deeply saddened by the death of my grandfather.
“As a little boy, I used to observe how blocks were made and block printing was done with them. It impressed me a lot and I also wanted to learn this art one day. Instead of toys, Wooden blocks in different shapes excited me more”.
“In 2001, my father met with a car accident and our family business began to collapse. It took him three years to recover and start working again. We were under a lot of financial pressure, we spent all money on his treatment. My older brother and I were too young to run a family business. We lost a lot. We couldn’t get any financial help. Our father had to struggle a lot educate us. At the same time, as we got older, my father taught me and my brother how to make wooden blocks.
“After graduation, my brother and I started working with our father. We have decided to try again to revive our family business and preserve our art of wooden blocks. In 2012, I tried to promote the beauty of wooden blocks and block printing through social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. People started liking our designs, and we started getting work.
Although I was happy to revive my family business with my father and brother, I decided to do something more creative with the art form. I started customizing wooden blocks in beautiful tea lights, which worked great in the market. Now I have a team of 20-25 workers who work with us in our workshop. Most of them have been taught by my father. We also have 10-15 part-time female workers who work from home. We also make wooden wall hangings, wall hooks, boxes, masks, and coasters with this art.
“My father is my greatest inspiration. It is because of him and my hard work that I am who I am today. We till design and craft together.
We supply our products to many handicraft shops in various parts of India. We have attended a handicraft fair in Kerala and exhibited our products at local fairs in Farrukhabad.
We are really thankful to our store wooden block stamps which has given us the opportunity to showcase our creativity globally and our team is really looking forward to make happy customers across the world.

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