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Wooden Block Stamp Floral Handmade Pailsly Patterned Block, Textile Printing

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Dimension: 3 Inches. This beatifully Hand engraved Indian wooden stamp is designed by Tariq Khan from India This traditional Indian wooden printing block which has been hand carved. traditional stamping technique, which is used in different cultures, even today.. Our unique and original design includes multiple angles, flats, rounds and transfers giving exposure to all of the wood’s beauty.. Christmas decoration printing block set. These blocks are used for printing on fabric, paper, Body tattoo, scrapbooking, canvas, wallpaper, wall painting, home decor and others. You can use any type of color to give an attractive look to your design. These stamps can also be used for clay and body ar Uses: Make block prints on fabrics like covers, sheets, scarves etc, print paper, clothes, Clay, Pottery, Scrapbook, Creative Wall Design, Gift Wrap Paper, make temporary tattoos on arms, palms & hands and many more. The wooden block also helps to improve the Creativity skill in kids. Uses Instruction: 1) Prepare the fabric or paper where you want to print and attach them with the help of pins or put some weight on the corner of the object. Take a plate and a piece of sponge. Put some color/Ink on a sponge. 2) Take the wooden block design and apply the ink or color on it through a sponge. 3) Carefully place the wooden block on an object and apply press all over. Once the color/ink will dry the object will ready for use. Handle and care : Wash with hand with help of brush softly with warm water after every use. Wipe with soft cloth and dry naturally as that will increase life of blocks. Note: 1) As each piece is hand carved individually and in different lots. There can be some minor difference in design because of handmade nature. 2) Foam, Sponge, Brush, Henna, Color or any Accessories NOT included with this Product.


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